Under the banner of Jodhpur Discom Samyukt Sangharsh Samiti, electricity employees protest against privatisation

Spectacular demonstration of electricity employees against the government and power management in Jodhpur

Report received from Shri Keshav Vyas, General Secretary, Rajasthan Electricity Workers Federation (AITUC)


Whether there is a BJP state government or Congress, plans to hollow out the public power sector of the state have been made equally during the time of both the governments. This point can be proved at any forum that only government policies are responsible for the plight of electricity corporations today. Common electricity workers and engineers are very cleverly blamed for the failure, misgovernance and mismanagement of corporations although these employees are at no fault.

The greed of corrupt politicians and bureaucrats sitting in the government has increased so much that they are bent on fragmenting and selling the huge power system created with the blood and sweat of electricity employees. The previous BJP government privatised Kota, Bharatpur, Bikaner and Ajmer cities in the name of the franchisee model. The employees and common consumers are facing the consequences of this today. At that time, the Congress, as a political opponent, had strongly opposed privatisation under the franchisee model. But see their dual character: after coming to power, the present Congress government has gone two steps ahead of the BJP and is privatising many cities, including Pali, Jodhpur, Chittorgarh and Nimbahera.

The Central Government has introduced the Electricity (Amendment) Bill 2022 to sell the entire country’s public power sector. The Congress played the role of being a political opposition to the central government by supporting the opposition of the electricity workers and the general public against the amendment bill. The Rajasthan Government also wrote a letter to the Central Government against the bill, but here, the same state government is gradually increasing privatisation in the electricity corporations due to which the future of the electricity corporations has become bleak.

The agenda of the management at the behest of the government is to see how soon these electricity corporations can be sold. No one cares about the problems of the employees. In the last budget, the government garnered a lot of accolades by implementing the old pension scheme (OPS) for the state employees but deprived the electricity employees of it. This decision shows the neglectful attitude and intentions of the government towards electricity employees.

In the bleakness created by this negative situation, the employees and engineers of Jodhpur Discom have lit the torch of a positive light. An agitation has been launched against this oppression by the formation of the Jodhpur Discom Samyukt Sangharsh Samiti, which includes employees associated with organisations like Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh, Electricity Engineers Association of Jodhpur, INTUC, Rajasthan Electricity Technical Employees Association, Power Engineers Association of Rajasthan, Accounts Employees Union, KMS, and Rajasthan Electricity Workers Federation (AITUC).

Today, on 22 September 2022, the Joint Sangharsh Samiti has challenged the government and the power management by holding a spectacular protest at Jodhpur Vidyut Bhawan. A large number of electrical workers, engineers and women personnel of all cadres participated in this protest. Slogans were raised for hours against the power management and the government.

Continuous protest is going on in Pali district. Electricity employees have decided that we will not let you sell our electricity corporation. We will fully oppose every oppression. It is expected that this unity established in Jodhpur Discom will spread throughout the state.

Congratulations on today’s excellent performance to the continuously struggling employees and comrades who are providing leadership in Jodhpur Discom.

Together we will fight and win.

Stop the privatisation of electricity corporations.

Implement OPS in electricity corporations.

Inquilab Zindabad!

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