AIFAP supports employees of Power Department of Puducherry striking against privatisation

Statement by All India Forum Against Privatisation (AIFAP)


In February, 2022, when the Puducherry workers had gone on indefinite strike the Government had promised that no privatisation will be done of the electricity department without consulting the employees.

Despite this promise, the government made some efforts to privatise electricity distribution in Puducherry, which were thwarted by the struggles of the electricity workers.

On 27th September 2022, the government made a further effort by releasing for publication the Puducherry Power Department Privatisation RFP tender.

All the Puducherry Power Department engineers and workers have immediately gone on an indefinite strike from the morning of the next day that is 28th September.

The NCCOEEE and other electricity workers unions, including those that are constituents of AIFAP have already come out in support of these workers.

All the members of AIFAP condemn this attempt by the government and demand that the government abide by its promise!

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