National Conference of Electricity Employees Federation of India concluded on 15 October in Chandigarh


Report by Kamgar Ekta Committee (KEC) correspondent


The National Conference of Electricity Employees Federation of India concluded on 15 October in Chandigarh. Addressing the conference, the newly elected President Com. E Kareem said that a massive campaign would be launched across the country to inform about the dangerous effects of the Electricity Amendment Bill 2022. He called upon the delegates to build unity of the employees of the department, unity with other organizations and unity with the general public and consumers.

He said that after the Electricity Amendment Bill is passed, electricity would be out of reach of the farmers and low-consuming poor consumers. He said that power generation has been privatized and power grid transmission lines are being handed over to private hands under NMP. As the next step, by passing the Electricity Amendment Bill, electricity distribution is also being handed over to private hands, which will not be tolerated by the electricity workers and engineers under any circumstances.

All the constituents of NCCOEEE will march to the Parliament on 23 November against the Electricity Amendment Bill 2022, with the slogan “Save Power Sector, Save the Country” and show their might to the Central Government.

Condemning the Chandigarh administration, he demanded that the administration should withdraw all the coercive actions taken against the striking power workers and resolve their demands through dialogue.

In the conference, Com. E Kareem was elected as President, Com. Prashant Nandi Chowdhury as General Secretary, Com. Rajendran as Treasurer and Com. Subhash Lamba as Vice President.

Following are the demands of electricity workers across the country:

  1. Repeal the Electricity Amendment Bill 2022. Stop the policy of benefitting corporate houses and stop the privatization of the electricity distribution system.
  2. Stop the transfer of the power sector to private hands in states and union territories. Cancel the ongoing private licenses.
  3. Stop the privatization of electricity distribution system to ensure the food security of the country.
  4. Like KSEB and HPSCB, the three parts of the power sector, namely, generation, transmission and distribution, should be combined in states and union territories.
  5. Make the right to electricity a human right.
  6. Repeal the anti-people and anti-worker labour codes.
  7. Stop selling the country’s public sector undertakings in the name of NMP and Atmanirbhar Bharat.
  8. Cancel NPS and restore old pension scheme. Stop forced retirement in the power sector.
  9. Regularize all types of contract and temporary workers/employees. Provide equal pay for equal work, gratuity for all, group insurance and all kinds of legal facilities till regularization. Stop fixed term employment.
  10. Ensure the filling of vacant sanctioned posts through regular recruitment.



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