Railway workers in Austria go on strike for wage increase


Report by Kamgar Ekta Committee (KEC) correspondent


Workers all over Europe are waging struggles for wage increase to compensate for very high inflation. Europe has not seen such high inflation for many decades.

Rail workers in Britain have repeatedly struck work during the last few months for increase to maintain their standard of livng.

Austrian rail workers went on one day strike on 28 November 2022 in support of their demand for 12% increase in their salary.

Monday’s “warning strike” was necessitated due to failure of fifth round of discussion between Vida, union representing 50,000 workers, and OeBB which represents 65 operators, including the main national operator.

The union has demanded 400 euros per month pay rise that works out to 12% increase. However, operators have offered only 8% rise.

The inflation in Austria in October was as high as 11%.

“We are fighting for a sustainable cost of living adjustment, which will give relief to those with lower and middle incomes in particular in the face of skyrocketing prices”, said the union leader.

The union also denounced “very low” starting salaries, at 1,356 euros net per month for night train workers.

The union has warned that it was ready to strike again if it could not come to an agreement with OBB.




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