Uttariya Railway Mazdoor Union (URMU), Moradabad submitted 14 point demand charter including the demand for restoration of the Old Pension Scheme


Report of URMU team


Dear Comrades,

Friends, as you all are aware that today on 01/12/2022, under the leadership of URMU Division Secretary Com Shalabh Singh, a protest was held at the Rosa Station, in which all the office bearers from all the branches of the mandal, delegates and all the staff colleagues of the mandal participated and made it a success for which we thank you all from the bottom of our heart.

Let us inform you that today’s meeting was conducted by Branch Secretary Shri Rakesh Kumar and the meeting was chaired by Shri S K Upadhyay Mandal President and concluded mainly under the leadership of the Division Secretary Com Shalabh Singh. In today’s meeting, more than 450 employees from different branches of the mandal participated and raised their voice in front of the Railway administration on the following 14 point demand charter:

  1. The old pension scheme of employees should be implemented immediately.
  2. Overtime payment of running staff in Moradabad division is pending. Union demands that work should be done immediately and overtime payment of running Staff should be deployed by CMS through I-PASS system.
  3. Medical facility should be provided to the employees working at stations around Rampur and Najibabad immediately.
  4. Only 6% HRA should be deducted from the basic salary from the employees of all the accommodations in Moradabad division and the employees should be given the benefits of HRA by getting condoms to shabby accommodations.
  5. Pending overtime of all Moradabad division employees should be paid immediately.
  6. All the employees of Moradabad division should be issued every year and the promotion MACP retirement date should be marked in the list.
  7. Stepping up benefit should be given to Chief Loco Inspector who was promoted before 01/01/2016 in Moradabad Division.
  8. The beat of Keyman colleagues working in the engineering department should be reduced.
  9. After completing the restructuring of trackmano in the engineering department, the remaining vacancies should be filled quickly and the restructuring work of the board should be completed.
  10. Trackman colleagues should be changed to other departments while changing departments.
  11. CLI working in the same place for a long time should be rotated.
  12. 425 posts of LPG at Moradabad headquarters 105 posts should be kept at Bareilly headquarters to save employees from transfer on promotion of ALP to LPG and also rail revenue can be saved.
  13. Employees in Carriage, Signal, Electric and TRD department should also be given the benefit of risk allowance.
  14. AC facility should be provided in Deputy SS office, booking office and inquiry office located at Bareilly station and toilet and changing room facility for female employees.

The URMU team




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