State Working Committee meeting of RMOPS Haryana on December 4, 2022 resolved to make the state-level convention historic on December 18


Report of the Restoration Movement for Old Pension Scheme, RMOPS


On December 4, 2022, the state working committee meeting of RMOPS Haryana was held at Shiv Dharamshala, Gohana. Despite the busy schedule of exam and marriage program in the state today, about 350 office bearers and aware members of education department, electricity department, Haryana roadways, marketing board, cooperative society, fisheries department, public health department, higher education department, revenue department, irrigation department, fire and municipality, medical college, MPHW etc. participated. All the colleagues resolved to make the state-level convention called in Rohtak on December 18 for the restoration of OPS in Haryana state historic. The presiding committee of the organisation, decided that on December 18, they would write a seven-feet-large demand letter for the restoration of OPS with their blood, which they would take out in a procession and send to the Chief Minister through Rohtak Deputy Commissioner.




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