AIUBOF to protest against anti-employee attitude of management


Message of Shri Balachandra PM, General Secretary, All India Union Bank Officers Federation (AIUBOF) / All India Bank Officers Confederation (AIBOC)


All India Union Bank Officers’ Federation

Urgent attention to all State Affiliate Leadership,

Call for Refusal of Silver Coin – Protest against recent anti-employee attitude of management

As discussed and decided in the Central Committee meeting, all AIUBOF Central Committee members and State Executive Committee members of 23 affiliates, are to boycott any gifts offered by management, as a mark of protest against the arbitrary and unilateral attitude of management, recent anti-officer amendments brought forth in the Staff Accountability Policy, unethical and unfair trade practices pursued by management, unwarranted pressure tactics, transfer threats and humiliation of officers by management in the name of business growth.

Now, it is understood that the management has started distribution of Silver Coins to the staff.

As a sign of protest, we call upon all our leaders, Central Committee Members of AIUBOF, State Committee members of affiliates not to accept the Silver Coin

Our manifesto is

“Take back the silver coin and return our peaceful workplace, restore our work life parity, respect our dignity and revive bilateralism”

Revolutionary greetings
Balachandra PM
General Secretary



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