Prantiya Vidyut Mandal Mazdoor Federation, Rajasthan (INTUC) will prepare an outline of the movement for restoration of old pension and other demands of electricity workers


Notice of meeting


Prantiya Vidyut Mandal Mazdoor Federation, Rajasthan (INTUC)

Date: 12.12.2022


The presidents, general secretaries and senior office bearers of all unions affiliated to the Prantiya Vidyut Mandal Mazdoor Federation are informed that on 27.12.2022, a meeting will be organised at 11 am at the Head Office, Mazdoor Maidan, Bani Park, Jaipur, to discuss in details the implementation of old pension scheme, changing the position name of “technical helper” to “technician,” promoting the technical staff appointed as junior clerks on compassionate grounds, creating an inter-discom transfer policy so that each employee can be transferred to their home district and other demands and create an outline of our movement.

The Congress government has completed 4 years in office but the problems of electricity workers have still not been resolved. INTUC union is committed to the abovementioned problems of workers.

So concrete decisions will be taken in this meeting of office bearers. Thus, your attendance is required.

Thanking you,
Bajrang Lal Meena, State President
Ramavatar Swami, State General Secretary



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