More than 26000 posts vacant in Mahavitran (MSEDCL)

Report by Kamgar Ekta Committee (KEC) correspondent

The Deputy Chief Minister of Maharashtra on Dec 22, 2022 accepted that a total of 26,648 technical and non-technical Class III and IV posts are lying vacant in the Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Limited.

“A total of 17,443 contract workers are working in MahaGenco, while 3,940 and 21,551 contract workers are outsourced in MahaTransco and MSEDCL, respectively,” he informed.

Such large number of vacant posts tremendously increase the workload on existing workforce and affect the quality of service to consumers. The use of contract and outsourced workers, too, affects the service quality.

The government has been falsely blaming poor quality service on employees instead of its own policy and is using it to justify the privatisation of electricity distribution in the State.

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