Singareni retired employees demand revision in Coal Pension Act of 1998 and the minimum pension of Rs. 15000 per month

Report received from Shri Alavandar Venu Madhav, Vice President, Singareni Retried Employees Association, Hyderabad

A meeting of Singareni retired employees held at Suprabhat Township Korremula was presided over by Dandam Raju Ramchander Rao. In this meeting, Vice President Alavandar Venu Madhav said that 132 years have passed since the establishment of Singareni company. For last 30, 40 years, the management and the government are neglecting the retired workers who have walked for about three kilometers in underground coal mines and converted their blood into sweat and extracted coal and brought light to the world.

The following issues have been demanded to be resolved.
1. Coal Mines Pension Act 1998 should be revised and revised to pay a minimum pension of Rs. 15,000.
2. Contributory medical scheme should provide unlimited medical services through medical card.
3. In cities like Hyderabad, Warangal, Karim Nagar, Khammam, Singareni management should set up a special medical department for retired employees.
4. A fund should be set up for the Singareni Vishranta Udyoga Bandhu scheme for the retired employees of Singareni. Singareni retired employees should be provided free accommodation facility in holy places like Tirupati, Bhadrachalam etc.
5. Accommodation should be provided in guest houses in Singareni areas.
6. Free double bedroom scheme should be applied to Singareni retired employees in Hyderabad city.

In this meeting, President Dandam Raj Ram Chander Rao, Vice Presidents Alavandar Venu Madhav, Secretary Bupelli Banaiah, K. Satyanarayana, Ram Chander Vijay Babu, Umakar, Suprabhat Township Community Hall President, Bangari Rajaiah, Beeriah, Prabhakar, Lakshmi Narayana, Sindarala Satyanarayana, Shastri, Rafiq, and 200 people from different areas attended and formulated future activities.

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