Electricity employees of Rajasthan submitted a memorandum of demands to the Chief Minister, including giving them old pension like government employees and forming a corporation by merging the five electricity corporations

Report of Provincial Electricity Board Mazdoor Federation, Rajasthan (INTUC)


A memorandum (attached) was submitted on December 22, 2022 by the workers of the Provincial Electricity Board Mazdoor Federation for the implementation of the Old Pension Scheme and other demands in the program of Honourable Chief Minister Mr. Ashok ji Gehlot.

Honourable Chief Minister has assured that talks will be held with the Provincial Electricity Board Mazdoor Federation, taking cognizance of this without delay.

Provincial Electricity Board Mazdoor Federation, Rajasthan (INTUC)

Honourable Shri Ashok ji Gehlot,
Chief Minister, Rajasthan government,

Subject: Demand letter for redressal of burning and valid problems of electricity employees and workers of five power corporations
Ref: 1. Previous demand letter no. 201 dated 17.01.2019
2. Previous demand letter no. 521 dated 26.06.2021
3. Previous demand letter no. 596 dated 14.12.2021
4. Previous demand letter no. 661 dated 18.02.2022


Provincial Electricity Board Mazdoor Federation, Rajasthan INTUC has presented demand letters repeatedly, and a meeting of federation office bearers and the electricity administration was held under the leadership of the then Energy Minister Shri BD Kalla, and a consensus was reached on several issues. Even those demands that have no financial burden have not been resolved. The federation presents to the following real demands of all five power corporations:

1. Rajasthan government should implement Old Pension Scheme (OPS) for the employees of all five electricity corporations.

2. Start interdiscom transfer for employees working in the three electricity distribution corporations. This will not add any financial burden on the corporations. All five corporations should be merged again to form Rajasthan State Electricity Board, like has been done in Chhattisgarh state.

3. On the basis of preference, the secondary pass was posted on the post of Junior Clerk in the Government of Rajasthan, but from the year 1996 to 31.03.2019, it was posted on the post of technical staff in all the five power corporations. All of them should be promoted to the post of Junior Clerk. In contrast, from 01.04.2019 higher secondary pass is being re-appointed on the post of Commercial Assistant II. The underprivileged should also be given benefits.

4. For ITI qualification holders appointed in the five corporations, Technical Helper I, II, and III posts were created under order no. F-4(14) Energy/2013 Jaipur dated 28-12-2018. The name of the posts should be changed from Technical Helper to Technician I, II, and III, and they should be given the benefit of time-bound promotion from the day of appointment.

5. Appropriate promotions have not been given even after service of 20-25 years in the five corporations. These employees should be given posts as per their pay level and the policy of time-bound promotion should be implemented, like for technical helpers. As in the water supply department, all the employees recruited on the post of Assistant II should be given the pay scale of Assistant I posts.

6. Engineering Supervisor posts have been created under the TWSR 1975 in all five corporations. They should be given facilities given in the ESR 1964 and new posts of Senior Engineering Supervisor and Senior Communication Supervisor should be created. Engineering Supervisors should be appointed for the work of Junior Engineers in 132-KV grid substations.

7. Junior Engineers and Engineering Supervisors should be given a grade pay of 4800.

8. All five corporations should be given electricity allowance equal to the rate of 500 units and permanent fee should be waived. In all five corporations, instead of cycle allowance, motor cycle allowance of Rs. 3500 per month should be given. Hard duty allowance of 20% of salary should be given.

9. Because of work overload in electricity corporations, no weekly offs are being given. In all three discoms, offices are open on Saturdays and Sundays. Therefore, daily 8-hour duty should be ensured and overtime allowance should be given when there is work on weekly offs.

10. Rajasthan government issues orders for state employees; these same orders should also be implemented in electricity corporations.

11. All posts should be created as per the workload on 31.10.2022. The pay grade of Junior Clerks should be raised to level 10. Rajasthan government has created a promotion channel from Information Assistant to Assistant Programmer and Programmer. Similarly, promotion channels for ministerial and technical employees should be established.

Thus, we not only hope but have full confidence that bilateral talks will be held with the office bearers of the federation on workers’ problems within 15 days of receipt of the letter to resolve disappointment among workers.

Thanking you,

Bajrang Lal Meena
State President

Ramavtar Swami
State General Secretary

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