Beware, the administration and government will try to break the unity of electricity workers fighting against privatisation

Appeal by Com. Krushna Bhoyar, General Secretary, Maharashtra State Electricity Workers Federation

(English translation of notice in Marathi)

Important notice to the office bearers of the Maharashtra State Electricity Workers Federation office bearers

No post should go viral on any group without verifying it

All honourable office bearer friends participating in the Sangharsh Samiti,

After many years, we are opposing the privatization policy of the state government by uniting the power industry employees, engineers, officers and contract workers. We have discussed and agreed about the stages of the agitation. An unprecedented agitation is taking place in Maharashtra according to the agreed upon plan.

The march of 23 December (to Vidhan Sabha) shook up the Maharashtra government and the administrations of the three companies. The administration and the government will try to divide us. This has happened before.

If in any department an engineer issues a letter about action regarding recovery, first of all, we should share the information on the group of office bearers of the Sangharsh Samiti and check it. Talk to the concerned officials. All this is happening in Maharashtra.

The senior engineers are also putting a lot of pressure on the engineers. We have also received calls from hundreds of employees. The executive engineer and the officers above are putting a lot of pressure on the technical staff and office staff for recovery. This reality is known to the leadership of all the organizations. So please no one should act in such a way as to cause a split in this group.

Although this fight is against the policy of the government, the administration is not separate from it. The leaders of all the organizations participating in the Sangharsh Samiti are trying to take this fight forward with utmost sincerity. An atmosphere of confusion should not be created among workers due to the circulation of different posts across Maharashtra.

A lot of anger has been generated against the government and administration in the minds of the workers, engineers, officers and contract workers. This has been expressed unprecedentedly in Nagpur. The workers are of a mind to fight to the finish in the struggle against privatization. Even the administration will not dare to take action if the members of their organizations say clearly that they are working as per the instructions of the Sangharsh Samiti. The leadership of Sangharsh Samiti is capable of dealing with it if any action is taken against any employee.

That the government has not convened a meeting at their level even one and a half month after giving the notice of the agitation clearly indicates something. We all should understand what is meant by the manner in which the Energy Minister of the state asserted in the Assembly that franchisee will have to be given in some places.

Victory to the unity of electricity workers, engineers, officers and contract workers!

Your colleague
Comrade Krushna Bhoyar
General Secretary
Maharashtra State Electricity Workers Federation

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