East Central Railway employees will observe black day on 1st January for restoration of old pension

Notice to Railway Management by Front Against NPS in Railway (FANPSR)


Letter No.:- 01/2022 Date: 28.12.2022

Mr General Manager
Hajipur / East Central Railway

Subject: Regarding observing January 1, 2023 as Black Day.
Reference: Restoration of Old Pension Scheme (OPS) for railway personnel.

Our front “Front Against NPS in Railway” (FANPSR) which is a combined and supported front of various struggling unions and organizations of railways and which is fighting for restoration of old pension for railway employees, will organise Black-day program on 1st January. Because on the same day, i.e., January 01, 2004 the then ruling central government abolished the old pension scheme (OPS) and implemented unstable and unwanted National Pension Scheme (NPS) based on stock and markets for the central employees appointed after 01.01.2004.
This program will be carried out by railwaymen of various departments, stations, production units, sheds of East Central Railway in a very peaceful manner by wearing black band or black day badge on hand/shoulder or front pocket symbolically without disturbing any railway work.
Sir, our organization / front with great hope urges to put the demand of restoration of the Old Pension Scheme of the Railwaymen before the Railway Board and the Government of India without any delay so that after life’s important 35-40 years of service when that railwayman go to their homes after retirement, they don’t have to extend their hands to anyone in their old age, so that railway workers can live their old age with dignity.
Kind co-operation expected from the honourable sir!
Thank you very much!

Yours faithfully
Uday Mahto
Coordinator/ FANPSR/ ECR Zone
Mob: 6204914849
Email: udayapna@gmail.com
i) Mr. Divisional Railway Manager/ Dhanbad
ii) Mr. Divisional Railway Manager/ DDU Mughalsarai
iii) Mr. Divisional Railway Manager/ Sonpur
iv) Mr. Divisional Railway Manager/ Samastipur
v) Mr. Divisional Railway Manager/ Danapur

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