Rising above politics, employees across the country must unite on the issue of restoration of old pension scheme – AIPEF


Call of All India Power Engineers Federation (AIPEF)


Pension is the biggest support of old age for government employees. Now, when the old pension is being restored in some states, articles are being written or being got written in the media for some time against the old pension restoration. The Times of India on 14 January called the old pension scheme – Old Poison Scheme.

Rising above politics, the big question for the employees across the country is whether they are ready to unite on this issue. This is a big challenge this year. Lok Sabha elections are going to be held next year. If the employees are able to create enough atmosphere, then like the restoration of old pension is being done in the states today, definitely the old pension will be restored in the whole country before the elections to the Lok Sabha.

Inquilab Zindabaad!




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