Government Employees National Confederation appealed to the Central and State Governments for the restoration of old pension scheme


Press release of the Government Employees National Confederation, affiliated to the Bhartiya Mazdoor Sangh



(English translation of press release in Hindi)

Government Employees National Confederation

Ref: GENC/PressNote/2023
Date: 15.01.2023

Press Release

On the all-India call of the “Government Employees National Confederation”, affiliated to the Bhartiya Mazdoor Sangh, it has been decided to give a warning through a press conference on 23/0/2023 in the whole country regarding the abolition of NPS and implementation of OPS (Old Pension Scheme).

As it is well known that before 01/01/2004, all government employees (Central and State Government) were provided pension under CCS Pension Rule 1972 at the time of retirement under social security, which was abolished by the Government of India on 22/2/2003 by issuing a notification and by implementing a contributory pension scheme under the New Pension Scheme. From the very beginning, the employees of Central and State Governments have been opposing this pension scheme because there is no guarantee of minimum pension anywhere in this pension scheme. After the implementation of this scheme from 01/01/2004, workers who retired are getting a very small amount in the name of pension. Employees received Rs. 800–2400 as pension, but employees who retired before 01/01/2004 were receiving Rs. 9000 + dearness allowance as pension. This is for employees with a low pay. Other employees have the provision of 50% of their last pay + life insurance. At the time that this new pension scheme was implemented, the Government of India had assured all the employees that “this pension scheme is a very good scheme, you will not get less pension than the old pension scheme,” but the results are contrary to this statement. Till date, the government has not announced any guarantee of minimum pension in this scheme, because of which there is doubt among employees about the amount of pension they will receive after retirement. That is why, employees have been continuously demanding that NPS is abolished and OPS is implemented. In view of the protests of employees, some state governments like Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Punjab and Himachal Pradesh have announced the implementation of OPS by abolishing NPS for their employees.

We appeal to the Central Government to abolish NPS and implement OPS for employees and all the State Governments should also implement OPS and a minimum pension should be guaranteed to employees. The pension should not be less than 50% of their last salary and should also be linked with the price index.

Sincerely yours,
Sadhu Singh
Secretary General



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