Permanent electricity workers and engineers of Madhya Pradesh have decided to boycott work from January 24 in support of the ongoing work boycott of contract and outsourced workers from January 21


Letter from EVKS Parihar, convenor of United Forum for Power Employees and Engineers, to the Chief Minister


United Forum for Power Employees and Engineers

Honourable Chief Minister
M.P. Government,
Bhopal (M.P.).

Subject:- Notice to join the struggle to give full support to the movement started by various organizations from 21.01.2023

  1. MPUFPPE’s letter no. 2022/027 dated 13.07.2022
  2. MPUFPPE’s letter no. 2022/031 dated 22.07.2022
  3. MPUFPPE’s letter no. 2022/039 dated 18.08.2022
  4. MPUFPPE’s letter no. 2022/042 dated 13.09.2022
  5. MPUFPPE’s letter no. 2022/049 dated 03.10.2022
  6. MPUFPPE’s letter no. 2022/060 dated 21.10.2022
  7. MPUFPPE’s letter no. 2022/064 dated 18.11.2022
  8. Memorandum of MPUFPPE no. 2022/067 dated 23.11.2022
  9. MPUFPPE’s letter no. 2022/072 dated 13.12.2022
  10. MPUFPPE’s letter no. 2022/075 dated 31.12.2022
  11. Letter no. 2023/084 dated 06.01.2023 to Principal Secretary (Energy)

Respected Sir,

United Forum for Power Employees and Engineers is a registered joint organization of all the major organizations of power companies of Madhya Pradesh. Along with raising the problems and legitimate demands of all the officers/employees of the state’s power companies, the organisation always strives for meaningful solutions by informing the administration and management from time to time regarding better arrangements for power companies.

Under the above subject, in view of the notice of indefinite work boycott from 06.01.2023 by various organizations, a meeting was held by the Principal Secretary of Energy with the representatives of the organization on 05.01.2023. At that time, due to the International Overseas Indian Conference and Investor Meet being organized in the state from 09.01.2023, the Principal Secretary (Energy) requested that the agitation be postponed and a discussion was held on various issues. In the discussion, we were told that only the Honourable Chief Minister can take the final decision on the issues being discussed. Therefore, after receiving assurance of a meeting with the Honourable Chief Minister within 15 days, the said agitation was postponed, giving respect to the matter raised by the Principal Secretary (Energy). After that, on 06.01.2023, the Principal Secretary was also requested through a reference letter to provide information of the date and time of the meeting with the Honourable Chief Minister, but even after 15 days, no information was given by the Principal Secretary in this regard.

Due to the non-fulfilment of this assurance, contract and outsource workers gave notice on 17.01.2023 and started work boycott on 21.01.2023. However, the government and management have initiated action against contract and outsource employees and officers, which the United Forum strongly opposes. The Forum requests Honourable Sir that as per the assurance given by Principal Secretary (Energy), if the Honourable Chief Minister does not call a meeting to resolve our demands by 23.01.2023, then the United Forum and all its constituents will cooperate fully with the work boycott and will be forced to participate in the work boycott across Madhya Pradesh from 24.01.2023.

In this regard, it is also necessary to inform the Honorable Sir that permanent and some contract employees are being made to work 12–12 hour shifts to manage the crisis situation created by the work boycott by our contract and outsourced colleagues. The Forum strongly opposes this and requests that discussions be held immediately, otherwise no power can stop industrial unrest in the state. Therefore, Honorable Sir is requested to provide time for discussion with the Forum on 23rd, so that industrial peace is maintained in the state and consumers do not face any kind of problems. Forwarded for immediate necessary action.

Thank you, Jai Hind, Jai Bharat.
EVKS Parihar

Copy to:

  1. Honourable Energy Minister, Government of Madhya Pradesh, Bhopal (M.P.).
  2. Chief Secretary, Government of Madhya Pradesh, Bhopal (M.P.).
  3. Principal Secretary (Energy), Government of Madhya Pradesh, Bhopal (M.P.).
  4. Managing Director, M.P. Power Management Company Limited, Jabalpur/Bhopal (M.P.).
  5. Managing Director, M.P. Power Generation/Transmission Company Ltd., Jabalpur (M.P.).
  6. Managing Director, MPPKVVCL, Bhopal/Jabalpur/Indore (M.P.).



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