BSNLEU takes up issues of women employees with management


Message of BSNL Employees Union (BSNLEU)


16 – Feb – 2023

Issues of women employees taken by BSNLEU in the forthcoming Formal Meeting with Director (HR)

As already informed, BSNLEU has sought a Formal Meeting with the Director (HR). In this meeting, BSNLEU has taken up the following genuine issues of the women employees:

  1. The BSNL Corporate Management should ensure the independent and effective functioning of the Internal Complaints Committees (ICCs) functioning at the Circle / BA and OA levels, in implementing the directions of the Hon’ble Supreme Court and orders being issued by the Union Government, from time to time. Especially, the ICCs should be insulated from being influenced or coerced by higher officers. The happenings at Ludhiana in Punjab circle, where the GMTD himself indulged in sexual harassment of women employees, exposed the ineffectiveness in the functioning of the ICCs.
  2. Strict and timely action should be taken by the authorities at various levels, on complaints of sexual harassments.
  3. Safety of the women employees should be ensured at work places, having interface with customers.
  4. Strict implementation of the DoP&T orders on Child Care Leave, should be ensured.
  5. Special Medical Leave for women employees above 45 years, should be implemented.
  6. Menstrual leave for 3 days per month should be implemented for the women employees. In 2018, India introduced the Menstruation Bill in Parliament, which stated that the companies must provide a leave of at least two days every month. Recently, the Cochin University of Science and Technology has implemented Menstrual Leave.
  7. Separate toilets and dining rooms should be provided for women employees at all work places in BSNL.



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