NMOPS national executive meeting concluded in Delhi: Huge rally for pension planned in Delhi on 1 October 2023

Communication of National Movement for Old Pension Scheme (NMOPS)


On March 5, the national meeting of the National Movement for Old Pension Scheme was held at ND Tiwari Bhavan in Delhi, in which representatives from different states and different departments participated. The meeting was presided over by National President Vijay Bandhu ji and the decisions passed by the national executive were approved and decided by National General Secretary Pragya ji. Representatives of more than 22 states attended the meeting, and along with them, employees of railway, ordinance factories, post, CPWD, etc. were also present. The following important decisions were taken in the meeting:

# The National Movement for Old Pension Scheme national executive has decided to hold a huge rally for pension in Delhi on 1 October 2023 to put pressure on the Government of India to bring the old pension restoration to fruition.

# NMOPS will organize Pension Constitutional March in every district across India on 16th April 2023 before organising a huge rally in Delhi.

# From August 1 to August 9, the national executive has announced the Ghanti Bajao program for restoration of old pension at the door of the MPs, which will be done by NMOPS at the residence of each MP in each state.

# From 1st June, the National Movement for Old Pension Scheme will organize ‘NPS, Privatization Quit India’ Rath Yatra against NPS and privatization across India.

# Vijendra Dhariwal ji, Amrik Singh ji, Prem Sagar ji and Vitesh Khandekar ji will assume the responsibility of the preparation of the Rath Yatra and prepare a route map for it.

# A committee has been formed under the leadership of Bharat Sharma ji, Sunil Dubey ji and Shrikant ji for necessary guidelines for funding the National Movement for Old Pension Scheme.

State presidents and general secretaries along with national office-bearers were present in the meeting.

Sthit Pragya
National General Secretary



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