Agitation by Bank of Maharashtra employees forces the management to agree to most of their demands


Message from United Forum of Mahabank Unions


Dear Colleagues,

We are happy to share with you that after prolonged & protracted discussions with the management, today United Forum of MahaBank Unions have reached an understanding whereby the management has agreed to refund the wages of 4 days to the officers so deducted, restore check off system so discontinued unlawfully, prepone probation period so extended unlawfully & close the chargesheets so issued vindictively.

Thus, the issues emanated out of strike actions have been addressed satisfactorily.

As far as recruitment is concerned, Bank has assured to complete the process of additional recruitment 300 clerks & 400 officers by June 23. For additional recruitment Bank has agreed to associate union in assessment so as to arrive at increased indent for the year 2023-24.

The management has agreed to revisit HR & IR policy by June 23 by seeking suggestions from the unions & will be moved to Board for approval.

The management agreed that as far as possible employees will not be called for on weekly off & holidays & if called for exceptionally, will be compensated.

The management further agreed to be considerate while effecting transfers of the officers while in case of award staff it is already seized & hence the question is already addressed.

As far as recruitment of PTS & sub-staff is concerned management expressed their inability in view of government directives in this behalf. The unions brought to the notice of management that the issue of temporary employees is pending in various labour courts, industrial court, high courts which has bearing on the issue on which management agreed to continue the discussions further.

In view of the above positive developments proposed strike on 28th & 29th March stands deferred.

Viraj Tikekar- Convenor
Dhananjay Kulkarni- Jt. Convenor



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