All the power workers’ organizations of Madhya Pradesh will fight together against privatization and for the interests of power employees and electricity consumers.


Report of Madhya Pradesh Vidyut Mandal Abhiyanta Sangh


On 13-4-23, a joint meeting of office bearers of various organizations of employees of power companies was held at the Engineer’s Union Office, Rampur, Jabalpur. On the call of the Engineers Union, the office bearers of organizations of electricity companies present told that the power sector of Madhya Pradesh is passing through a difficult phase! Continuous efforts are being made by the government to privatize the power companies. In such a situation, joint efforts are the only option to save the power companies.

Electricity amendment by the government, T.B. C.B. and preparations are being made to privatize companies through joint ventures, due to which power workers and pensioners are feeling insecure and worried about the future. The demands of the power workers are constantly being ignored by the government and the management, due to which there is anger among the them. All the organization heads said that all the power employees are ready to fight against the stubbornness of the government and the management. Organizations of power companies present in the joint meeting said that soon with mutual consent the movement will be consolidated with a joint framework for the interests of power employees and power consumers to save the power sector of Madhya Pradesh.

Office bearers of various organizations including Madhya Pradesh Electricity Board Engineers Association, Madhya Pradesh United Forum, Madhya Pradesh Power Engineer and Employees Association were present in the joint meeting. Vikas Shukla, general secretary of the Engineers Union, said that discussions have been held with all the main organizations to save power companies from privatization and to protect the interests of electrical workers, and soon a joint demand letter will be given to the government.

In the joint meeting, Hitesh Tiwari, VKS Parihar, Ajay Mishra, Manoj Tiwari, Anish Singhai, Suresh Trivedi, Subodh Bajpai, Anurag Nayak, S. D. Upadhyay, Sushil Pal, Jitendra Tiwari, Amit Dahiya, Prasant Bhadoria, Arjun Yadav, S. Of. Officials of various organizations including Pachauri, Ambikesh Shukla, Iqbal Khan, Mahesh Raghuvanshi, Pushpendra Patel, Arvind Baitha, Udit Agarwal, Suresh Vishwakarma, Brij Mohan Vishwakarma, Manoj Gupta, Shambhu Singh, Gulab Singh, Naresh Dubey, Sailesh Soni, Narendra Chandel were present. are.



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