Stand up to defend your right to save your port – FSUI


Message of Forward Seamen’s Union of India (FSUI) on All India Demands Day on 25 April


(Translation of message in Marathi)

Dear Dock Workers,

We know how the government is privatising terminals under PPP model. And their duties in respect of BWNC, PLR and others are over. A new contract is yet to come.

Workers in Mumbai are yet to get 45 per cent dues.

After JNPT, privatisation of other ports is going on and so of Mumbai Port.

This is the last opportunity for all workers, either unite and fight, protect your jobs, protect your pension or sit in the comfort of home and be a silent witness to the sale of public property to corporates on a nominal rental basis.

Thousands of workers have built historic docks with their hard work and are being sold to corporates.

Stand up to defend your right to save your port, leaving aside the personal colour of the flag.



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