Power engineers oppose re-employment of retired officers by electricity companies of Madhya Pradesh and demanded to fill vacant posts with new recruited engineers.


Letter to Chief Minister by Madhya Pradesh Electricity Board Engineers Association


Hon’ble Chief Minister,
Government of Madhya Pradesh, Bhopal (M.P.)

Subject: Regarding increasing the service period of the officers who are going to retire / have been retired in all the successor companies of Energy Department / not to be re-employed in service.

Ref.:- Engineer’s Union Letter No. A202/Sm.S.2-24 42/Date 27 22/07/


Madhya Pradesh Electricity Board Engineers Association is the only organization of officers from Assistant Engineer to Executive Director working in all the successor companies of the Power Department, which presents its suggestions to the administration as per the requirement for the smooth running of the power system of the state. It informs the administration and management from time to time regarding the problems and legitimate demands of all the officers of the companies, for their meaningful solution.

Sir, through the referred letter, a demand was made by the Engineers Association that the officers who are about to retire/have been retired in all the successor companies of Energy Department should not be re-employed in service. But it is a matter of great regret that, contrary to the intention of the government, instead of providing employment to the youth of the state with technical education, the management of power companies (mainly Madhya Pradesh Power Generating Company Limited) is re-inducting retired officers through various means.
Despite the limited human resources and adverse conditions, the companies are on the way to touch new dimensions due to the excellent performance of the personnel. In this way, engineers working in the company, despite having experience of last 10 to 35 years, instead of giving promotion, they are alleged to be inexperienced and in lieu of this, the production company management reemploys the retired officers who have influence in the management through outsourcing. which is very unfortunate. The management of the production company is also planning to bypass all the rules (unlimited number) and take retired officers through the back door to give personal benefits to them through outsourced service again.

Sir, it may be known that the price per unit of electricity in the state is determined by M.P.E.RC. In such a case, due to practice of policies for personal gain, there will be an increase in the expenditure on resources and there will be an impact on the electricity price of the state, which is not at all in the interest of the power companies, electricity consumers and electricity workers of the state. Rather, such appointments will give strength to nepotism and corruption, which the Engineers’ Association strongly opposes. The Association of Engineers would also like to draw your kind attention to the following aspects related to the said subject:

Sir, it is to be known that in all the power companies of Madhya Pradesh, the retirement age has been increased from 58 to 60 years and then from 60 to 62 years, as a result of which a large number of employees automatically get the opportunity to provide 04 years more services. While on the one hand companies are paying crores of rupees to consultant companies for most of the innovative works, then in the name of hiring experts, taking their own retired colleagues back into service raises a question mark in itself.

Instead of giving responsibility to the experienced officers in the company from time to time, keeping the retired officers in service continuously by the management raises questions on the experience and technical knowledge of the engineers working in the company. Along with this, its adverse effect is that the opportunities of promotion/current charge of engineers working for many years are being affected, due to which there is a lot of disappointment among the engineers.

Keeping the retired officers in service by the management will not only undermine the potential of all the high officials working at present, but will also eliminate/limit the opportunities for appointment of youths of the state. While recently other companies of the Electricity Department are making new recruitments in the Electricity Department as per the announcement of the Honorable Chief Minister to give 1,00,000 (one lakh) new appointments to the youth of the state, the production company management is promoting unemployment in the state. Apart from this, the regular officers who are waiting for promotion even after continuously rendering their services in the companies from 5 to 35 years, are deeply disappointed. Undoubtedly, the demoralization of the present personnel of the company will adversely affect the performance of the companies in future.

Sir, the Engineer’s Association demands that taking into cognizance all such illogical appointments and all the appointments taking place , they should be directed to be canceled with immediate effect. And after giving promotion/valuable charge to the working officers, recruitment of new assistant engineer cadre should be done on the vacant posts at the appointment level. Sir, as a result of the above, the government’s famous and ambitious announcement “Employment to the unemployed” will get more strength and Madhya Pradesh government’s announcement to provide employment will be implemented and companies will achieve success by further improving and expanding their capabilities and set new records.

Thanks and Regards.

Yours sincerely

Er. Vikas Kumar Shukla
General Secretary
Madhya Pradesh Mandal Vidyut Abhiyanta Sangh



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