Loco drivers demanded basic improvement in locos for protected, safe and SPAD-free rail operations in East Central Division of Indian Railways


Letter to the management by All India Loco Running Staff Association (AILRSA), East Central Division


Principal Chief Electrical Engineer
Hajipur / East Central Railway
By :- proper channel

Subject:- Regarding basic improvement in locos for protected, safe and SPAD free rail operation.

In the context of the subject, our organization wants to put some things in front of you for some basic improvement in loco, this improvement will be helpful in excellent work efficiency rate, protected, safe and accident-free rail operations.

Following are the main demands: –

  1. At present the temperature of the locos is reaching beyond 50 degrees, in such a situation, according to the announcement of Railway Board and Honorable Railway Minister in the past, AC should be installed in all the locos and the faulty AC of AC equipped locos should be replaced or repaired immediately.
  2. According to the instructions of the Railway Board and in the light of RDSO’s letter dated 10/02/2023, Tool Box should be installed in all types of locomotives at the earliest, in which all tools including detonators are available.
  3. CCVRS cameras should be removed from all locos without delay, Sir, as you must be aware that at present men as well as women crew work in locos, whose work while sitting, getting up or bowing, etc. is recorded, which violates privacy. Therefore, this camera should be removed from the loco. Sir, on the basis of the recording of this room in the past, charge sheet punishment has been given to the crew of Locos for not being in strict posture (cautious position) or for eating food, such situation is applicable only on the borders for the armies, in which duty is only for 2-3 hours whereas the duty of the crew is continuous for 8-10 hours and there is no separate time fixed in between for eating. In this way, every moment surveillance by camera is going to increase the stress of the crew. The VCD pre fitted in the loco itself is a sufficient and effective tool for the vigilance of the crew.
  4. As per the instructions of the Railway Board and in the light of RDSO’s letter dt.25/01/2023, RS Emergency valve should be fitted at a convenient place on the control desk on the side of ALP in all locos so that ALP can easily use it as per requirement by seeing the signal.
  5. Comfortable seats of high quality should be installed in all locos so that there is no feeling of fatigue due to the seat during work and the crew can work with high efficiency.
  6. During long distance footplating the Chief Loco Inspector (CLI) is either standing or sometimes sitting on the assistant driver’s chair, both of which are not good. Therefore, a separate seat should be installed for the Chief Loco Inspector (CLI) to sit separately in the CAB itself so that he can avoid being disturbed by standing continuously during the footplate and the assistant can be saved from being disturbed.
  7. Arrangement should be made to connect FSD to the locomotive through new communication technology and install it in the loco itself so that the assistant loco pilot can be freed from its burden as well as the problem of losing or forgetting in the process of hauling and commuting can be avoided. Because the crew has the compulsion to carry heavy luggage bags for themselves and the Railways.
  8. Similar to G-12, all locos should be fitted with sun ray protector curtains so that the scorching sun rays from any angle of the look out glass do not disturb the eyes of the loco pilot or the crew and the signal can be seen easily.
  9. Wipers, Gauge Light, Cab Light, Spot Light, and Head Light of all locos should be lined outside the loco shed in proper condition. Due to fault in this, LP/ALP has a lot of problem during train running and sometimes it also becomes a contributory factor of SPAD. WAP 7 Loco connected to Mail /Exp trains running at a speed of 130KMPH, the light of its Head Light is very poor in case of 90% of locos.
  10. Water is found dripping from the roof of conventional DSL and Electric locos during rainy days, which is a very inconvenient and embarrassing situation.
  11. High quality movable and adjustable fans should be installed by replacing the old and low quality fans in all conventional locos. Also, it should be fitted in such a place so that fresh outside air is circulated.
  12. Arrangement of toilet and urinal should be made in the locomotive so that the problems of women crew (LP/ALP) especially during work can be solved.
  13. SPAD Minutes issued from Railway Board L.NO. 2004/M(L)/466/7101 Dt: 14/06/2012 Recommendation of 07 points mentioned in Para – A should be implemented soon. It would be impractical to expect the loco pilot to operate a safe train with full concentration and alertness when the loco pilot’s head is hot in the loco CAB at a temperature of 50 to 55 degrees during summer.

With the vision of No SPAD mission, we all the loco running staff with family of ECR request its immediate solution in the interest of safe rail operation.

Thank you very much!

Mrityunjay Kumar
Joint Divisional Secretary
AILRSA Dhanbad
East Central Railway



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