Track maintainers of Indian Railways observed on 30 and 31 May as Protest Days across the country against the complete neglect of the administration in protecting their lives

Notice letter from Shri Ram Naresh Paswan, National President of All India Railway Trackmaintainer Union, to the Chairman of Railway Board

All India Railway Trackmaintainer Union

Letter no. AIRTU/NP/03
Date 24/05/2023

Hon’ble Chairman/Chief Executive Officer
Railway Board, Ministry of Railways, Rail Bhavan, New Delhi.

Respected sir,
Subject: Decision to observe protest days on 30/05/2023 and 31/05/2023 all over Indian Railways against the complete negligence of the administration in protecting the life of track maintainers and inhuman treatment after accidents


We regret to inform that due to the negligence of field officers and violation of safety rules, cases of runovers of trackmaintainers are increasing at an alarming rate.

An accident occurred in Prayagraj on 21.05.23 in which Shri Yogendra Pratap Singh, who was working as a keyman, was run over by Train No. 05170 at 14.40 hrs. Everyone was immediately informed about the accident. We inform you with great regret that ignoring the possibilities of saving his life, no medical assistance was arranged, but another train was run over the dead body at 16.00 hrs on the same line. Instead of trying to save the lives of employees, the officials have shown their inhuman attitude by running a train over a human body. Death was declared at around 17.10 and the track was cleared.

In protest against the inhuman behavior of the field officers, AIRTU, in its executive committee meeting held on 23.05.23, has decided to observe Protest Days by wearing black badges at workplaces on 30/05/2023 and organizing candle marches and gate meetings on 31/05/2023 in the entire railways.

Such incidents should not be repeated. Therefore, AIRTU demands that an impartial investigation of the entire accident should be undertaken from the human point of view and appropriate action should be taken against the officer(s) who inhumanly drove the train over the dead body of the employee.

Please consider this as a notice of protest.

Thanking you,
RN Paswan
National President
All India Railway Trackmaintainer Union

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