Track maintainers of Indian Railways held a two-day protest on 30 and 31 May 2023


Report by Shri Rajendra Kumar Kaushik, National General Secretary, All India Railway Trackmaintainer Union (AIRTU)


All comrades deserve gratitude for making the protest a success.

Comrades, in the two-day protest, trackmen from all over the country lodged their protest by wearing black bands during duty at their workplace on 30.05.2023 and by organizing candle marches on 31.05.2023. We organized gate meetings, where we handed over a memorandum to the concerned officials and told the railway administration that we are alive and not dead yet, and as long as we are alive, we will continue to protest against all wrong things as usual.

As part of these protests, AIRTU/SECRTA also organized strong protests by hundreds of trackmen in Bilaspur Zone as usual, which in itself is history in the making. All India Railway Trackmaintainer Union expresses its heartfelt gratitude to all the trackmen colleagues of Indian Railways as well as all the colleagues of Bilaspur zone for making the protest days a success.

Shri B. Krishna Kumar, divisional coordinator of the recognized union Mazdoor Congress, Shri C. Naveen Kumar, divisional coordinator of Shramik Union, Shri Budhram Shah, General Secretary of Independent Railway Bahujan Employees Union, and Shri M. Rizwan, General Secretary of Railway Mazdoor Union attended the protest and gave their moral support to the demonstration.

Thank you,
Long live AIRTU!
Long live trackmen’s power!

Rajendra Kumar Kaushik
National General Secretary
Founding President




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