NPS and Privatization Quit India march organized by NMOPS and FANPSR on 1st June


Report of Front Against NPS in Railway (FANPSR)


(Translation of Hindi report)

All Zonal President/General Secretary, Front Against NPS in Railway and appeal/message to all Railway employees,

Subject: Regarding successful execution of “NPS Privatization Quit India Marchr” on June 01, 2023 as prescribed by NMOPS & FANPSR.

Fellow fighters,

To fight for the old age support and social security of more than 80 lakh employees all over India, including central and state govt. employees, railway employees, ordinance employees, paramilitary forces, etc. in form of restoration of old pension scheme, NMOPS (National Movement for Old Pension Scheme) and Front Against NPS in Railways (FANPSR) have been agitating for the past several years. The effect of the movement is also clearly visible in the present era. Today, the issue of pension restoration has become number one at the national level. Due to the struggle of Front Against NPS in Railway (FNPSR) and NMOPS, old pension has been restored in 6 states. There is constant pressure in many states. There has been an increase in movement in the central government regarding this. Keeping in view that the 2024 Lok Sabha elections are ahead, the National Executive of NMOPS and with the consent of FANPSR, has started “NPS Privatization Quit India March” for the restoration of old pension and the end of privatization. Because where old age has become insecure due to NPS, privatization is causing the youth to be in danger.

Everyone must be aware and must fight against this. In the series of this struggle, the countrywide yatra will start from Champaran on June 01, 2023. Whichever corner of the country this yatra goes, whatever railway station, line, zone or division it passes through, the maximum number of railway employees and FANPSR officers working in that area should participate in it, and participate in the yatra with body, soul and wealth. It is necessary to win this war, otherwise the coming generations will not forgive us all.

All of you officers will make this program successful with full strength by taking all the railway employees along with you, this appeal is written with this hope and belief.

Your Friend,

Amrik Singh, National President, FANPSR
National Additional Secretary, NMOPS




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