Bringing 33 KV System under Transmission & forming Joint Venture (JV) Company with POWERGRID is encroachment of Central Govt in State subject, aimed at to finish Govt DISCOMS to facilitate Private Suppliers – AIPEF



Ministry of Power letter dt 01 September 2021 (letter enclosed) asking State Governments to bring 33 KV System under State Transmission Utility (STU) is clear-cut attempt of the Central Govt to control electricity in States.
Advising State Governments to form Joint Venture (JV) Company with POWERGRID will be the beginning of end of both State Transmission Utilities as well State DISCOMS.

Electricity (Amendment) Bill 2021 has a provision of delicencing of Distribution and allowing multiple private companies to supply electricity in any area using network of Govt DISCOM. After formation of JV Company this network will also be snatched from State DISCOMS.
AIPEF strongly opposes the ill-intentioned move of Ministry of Power.

Inquilab Zindabad



MoP letter.33KV.01-09-2021
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