Madhya Pradesh power sector engineers will go on an indefinite work boycott on July 30 if the government does not reverse the privatization move.


Kamgar Ekta Committee (KEC) Correspondent’s Report


The Electricity Amendment Bill being brought by the Central Government in the power sector will increase privatization. In protest against this, Madhya Pradesh Electricity Board Engineer’s Association boycotted work for one day on 28th June.

On June 28, by placing banners in front of the Admin Building, the officers-employees and women of all the organizations working in the Singaji Thermal Power Project under the banner of the Engineer’s Association boycotted the work in which the project’s Chief Engineer RP Pandey, Additional Chief Engineer Sanjay Pendor, KK Bairagi Senior engineers including Deepak Kashyap, SK Chowdhary were also involved.

Union leaders also opposed the Electricity Amendment Bill, saying that the amendment bill is a fraud and the passage of the bill will lead to complete privatization. They told that in the name of joint venture, other companies are being merged with MPPGCL. We will be evicted from here in the coming time.

The bell is ringing now, if you are not alert now, your future will be ruined. Today is the time for all the organizations to unite. 40 to 45 days left. Struggle is our slogan to save the power sector. All together, that is why work is being boycotted.

The union leaders warned that if the government does not accept our demands, then on July 30, all the officers and employees working in the power sector will go on an indefinite work boycott.



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