NRMU demands expansion of Traction Machine Factory and filling of vacancies in Nashik Road


Letter written by Nashik Road Traction Machine Factory branch of National Railway Mazdoor Union (NRMU) to the Minister of State for Railways


(Translation of Hindi letter)

Ref. no. NRMU/NK/T.M.W./30/2023
Date: 30/06/2023

Hon’ble Shri Raosaheb Danve Saheb
Minister of State for Railways
Government of India
(on Nashik tour)

Subject:- Request for expansion of Traction Machine Factory Central Railway and the problems of its workers and factory

Respected sir,

Welcome to Nashik city. In this city, there is a Traction Machine Factory of the Central Railway, which does excellent work in the repair and production of traction motors for electric locomotives of Indian Railways. There is a lot of scope for expansion in this factory.

  1.  Expansion of the factory: 250 acres of land were acquired for the factory when it was established in 1981. Of these, the factory occupies only 25 acres. Although the IRIEEN (officer training institute) and RPF training centre were built here later, the factory still has 30–40 acres of land lying vacant. This factory has the power generation centre of Maharashtra Government, thus it has sufficient electricity supply, skilled workers, and Nashik has complementary industries. Therefore, the factory can be expanded.

    Key options for expansion are as follows:

    1. Electric engine loco shed can be built here
    2. Production/repair plant for transformers used in railway engines can be built
    3. Repair plant for MEMU trains can be built

  1. Due to retirements in the factory in the last 7-8 years, the number of workers has reduced by 50%, and because of no new recruitments to this level, the number has reduced by 40%. That is why, existing workers are overburdened with work. Thus, new workers recruited through RRB/RRC should be sent to this factory.
  2. Due to administrative mistakes in the case of 26 workers who came on departmental transfer from other railway departments/divisions to this factory in 2012-2013, these workers are not receiving promotions and other benefits for the last 10 years. Considering humanity in this matter, justice should be given to these workers.
  3. Due to the inefficiency of the Central Railway Store Department, the raw material (Hitachi armature shaft, 6068 make rotor shaft, VPI varnish, rotor bar, etc.) used in the work of traction motor repair is not available on time and in proper quantity in this factory. Because of this, the work here is getting affected. Therefore, instructions should be given to the Central Railway Store Department to supply raw material to this factory on time and in adequate quantity.

National Railway Mazdoor Union makes a polite request to you that the expansion of this factory should be done as soon as possible and the problems of the workers here should be solved. National Railway Mazdoor Union will be grateful to you for this.




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