Workers of the Electricity Department in Puducherry oppose any form of privatisation of the Electricity department


Report by Kamgar Ekta Committee (KEC) correspondent


In a recent letter dated 8th August 2023, the Electricity Department Engineer’s and Employee’s Privatisation/ Corporatisation Protest Committee in Puducherry, objected to the government’s plan of privatisation of the Electricity department The letter also strongly objected to the written reply given by the Power Minister in an answer given in the Lok Sabha on 3rd August 2023 in response to an unstarred question.

Reply by the Minister of Power and new & renewable energy, states that “……Based on the demand of the Staff Union, it was decided by the Government of Puducherry to change percentage of the sale of shares of the Distribution Company from 100% to 51%……….”. The letter strongly objects this falsification of facts stating that “……none of the unions has sought for the change of percentage stake sale from 100% to 51%…….”. The letter also strongly opposes the conduct of the government which is not safeguarding the interests of the Electricity workers.

It is well known that the electricity workers of Puducherry had won the struggle against privatisation of power sector after many militant strikes and protest actions. As a result of their united struggles, the court had ordered a halt in the electricity privatisation. However, the current reply to sell 51% shares to private players, claiming that some union demanded that, clearly shows that the Central government is willing to stoop to any level to serve the dictats of some capitalists who are wanting to own power sector of Puducherry.

Is this the real nature of Indian parliament? Does it represent the interests of working people of our country or handful of capitalists? This is the question which all of us need to ponder over.



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