Condemn the Violence on working people of Haryana


Article by Mrs. Trupti, Joint Secretary, Kamgar Ekta Committee


It is more than 2 weeks since the violence began in Nuh district of Harayana later spreading to Gurugram and Palwal. In the initial violence itself at least 6 people lost their lives and many more severely injured. Since then hundreds of vehicles and shops have been set on fire and thousands of working people have been forced to flee from these districts.

Many news reports and videos have come to light clearly showing that Haryana government ignored appeals from many people requesting the government to take preventive steps. Many news reports have appeared accusing Haryana government for not taking any action against provocateurs who were openly giving hate speeches. Unfortunately vitriolic hate campaign still continues with open threats while the Haryana government is not appearing to take any action against hate mongers.

The mainstream media continued to blare that violence in Nuh was a result of “communal riots”. However the working people of India have considered the events as an attack on the working class as a whole. Across India, workers unions and associations, women’s organizations and human rights organisations, farmers and agricultural workers organizations have come out on streets denouncing the violent attacks on working people of Nuh, Palwal and Gurugram. They have demanded that those in command should be held responsible for the spread of communal hatred and the tragic loss of lives and property.

We cannot forget that all these incidents are happening on the backdrop of massive protests by crores of working people across the country in defence of their rights and livelihood. Lakhs of workers from sectors like banking, oil, defence, coal, shipping, LIC, Railways, electricity and various Central and State government employees etc. are waging struggle against privatization, for old pension, for filling of vacancies. Crores of farmers across the country are demanding assured procurement at MSP and are also demanding withdrawal of electricity amendment bill. People are also venting their anger against increasing attacks on women in many places including Manipur.

It is precisely to divide and divert the fighting working people that such incidents are being organized. People in increasing numbers are getting wiser and refusing to fall in this trap. Stepping up our struggles in defence of our rights with increasing unity is the best answer to such machinations.



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