Electricity employees of Madhya Pradesh should be ready to fight to save the power sector and secure their future and present interests


Call of Madhya Pradesh Vidyut Mandal Abhiyanta Sangh


(Translated from Hindi)

Important Information and Call

After holding 7 rounds of meetings with the engineers of various companies including the Central Executive, the last round of mass meeting of the Engineers Association was held on 17.09.23 through Google Meet. Also, as a result of ongoing discussions to bring various organizations together, a consensus was reached with many senior organizations. In view of the indifference of the Power Department towards the issues of power workers, even after giving written assurance to the Engineers Association, it has been decided to restart the three-day strike step, postponed by the Engineers Association, in the next week.

It is a matter of utmost regret that even after written assurance, the process of privatization has not been stopped and the practice of not taking decisions on the issues of power workers continues. Therefore, the Engineers Association has decided to restart the three-day work boycott in the next week by issuing a notice for the pre-decided phased agitation in the next one or two days. Therefore, all the employees are called upon to be ready for an all-out fight in their respective areas to save the power sector and secure their future and present interests.

General Secretary



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