Station Masters to oppose draconian removal policy of Indian Railways


Message by Secretary General, All India Station Masters Association (AISMA)


AISMA Online CEC was held under presidentship of CP P. Sunil Kumar, COBs, CAC members, Senior leaders and representatives of all zones attended on 01-03-2024 regarding removal of staff under 14(ii) in Kathua incidence case and following decisions were taken:

  1. It was unanimously decided to oppose draconian removal policy by Railway administration all over IR.
  2. On 5th March all DSs to submit memorandum to Divisional authorities, GSs to Zonal authorities and SG to CRB and MOB&D.
  3. T. Vinu and John sir are nominated for drafting of the common Memorandum and to be circulated to all GSs and DSs at the earliest.
  4. Subsequently FZR div and NR to conduct Divisional demonstration and Zonal demonstration and the date to be fixed by them
  5. It is decided to discuss and conduct joint programmes with sister trade unions in the fight against 14(ii) and legal experts for challenging 14(ii) in court.




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