Getting 16 hours duty done from electrical technical workers of Madhya Pradesh should be stopped


Kamgar Ekta Committee (KEC) correspondent’s report


State General Secretary of Madhya Pradesh Electricity Board Technical Employees Union, Mr. Harendra Srivastava told that during festival days, the authorities impose 16-hour duty on technical employees, disregarding humanity and violating labor rules.

He said that when electricity consumers and officers and employees of other departments celebrate the festival with joy, at that time the electrical technical workers, keeping consumer service as paramount, are busy managing the electricity system without giving time to their families for the entire 10 days. -Stay engaged with each other.

Shri Srivastava said that the outsourced workers, contract workers and regular employees of the electricity company maintain the electricity system day and night, so that the electricity of the consumers does not get cut off and they can celebrate the festival with joy. The technical personnel work by taking special care that all the consumers’ houses remain illuminated and no one’s house remains dark.

The union has demanded from the management of the three power distribution companies that labor rules are being repeatedly violated by the officials, for which strict action should be taken against them. Along with this, on special occasions, outsourced workers, contract workers and regular employees should be made to do eight hours of duty only instead of making them work for 16 hours continuously.



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