Electricity employees to hold demonstrations for their pending demands including withdrawal of Electricity (Amendment) Bill 2022, filling up of vacancies, permanency of contract workers, restoration of old pension scheme and stoppage of installation of smart meter

Newspaper Statement of All Indian Federation of Electricity Employees

All India Federation of Electricity Employees

Address: MSE Workers Federation Office, Nelson Chowk Cantonment, Near Sitaram Maharaj Math, Nagpur.
Comrade Mohan Sharma, National General Secretary
Newspaper Statement dated 11.03.2024 Mumbai

Demonstrations across the country on 12 March for the pending demands of electricity workers and contract workers in the electricity industry

In the representative session of the 16th National Convention of All India Federation of Electricity Employees held in Hyderabad, the long pending issues and demands of the electricity sector employees, engineers, officers and contract outsourcing workers across the country were discussed. The concern was expressed over the unforgivable neglect of the demands of the employees by the central and state governments. Despite constant follow-up by the Union/Federation, the government and the management did not take the problems of the employees seriously and did not resolve them. Due to this, dissatisfaction among the employees of the power industry is increasing day by day.

Their demands are mentioned below:

1) Anti-state, anti-consumer and anti-people Electricity (Amendment) Bill-2022 should be withdrawn.
2) Immediate appointments should be made to all vacant posts in power generation, distribution and transmission companies across the country.
3) All contract/outsourced employees should be retained on seniority basis with relaxation in terms and conditions.
4) Old pension scheme should be started and implemented.
5) The decision of the Hon’ble Supreme Court regarding equal pay for equal work should be implemented.
6) The policy of installing smart prepaid meters to electricity consumers should be stopped.
7) Private franchises in Bhiwandi, Malegaon, Mumbra should be cancelled in Maharashtra, along with franchises across the country.
8) Private capitalists should not be granted license for parallel distribution of electricity in the area of distribution companies across the country.

As all the above demands are in the interest of common electricity consumers, people and employees of Maharashtra, on March 12, 2024, protests should be held in front of the head offices, regional, zonal, board and divisional offices of electricity companies across the country to protest against the policy of the government.

Yours faithfully
Comrade S. Murthy, President
Comrade Shamim Mulla, Working President
Comrade Mohan Sharma, General Secretary
Comrade Krishna Bhoyar, Deputy General Secretary
All India Federation of Electricity Employees

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