Massive three-day dharna by BSNL workers in Delhi from 21 to 23 September 2021

GS/ SNPWA addressed a massive three day dharna Organized by AUB (Associations / Unions of BSNL) at Jantar Mantar, Delhi. The Dharna was quite massive in which about 300 comrades from various Circles of BSNL participated from 21st Sept to 23rd Sept. AUB had given this call to stage a strong protest against biased, completely hostile and discriminatory attitude of the Government towards BSNL by denying it blatantly 4G spectrum, selling off its 14000 towers in the name of sinister policy of National Monetization Pipeline, immediately setting off the debt of about Rs 39000 crores through land monetization, payment of salary in time, pension revision and pay revision in BSNL, complete review of cluster based outsourcing, overhauling of entire mechanism of providing FTTH.

AUB accused the government of completely betraying its so called revival plan. Instead of implementing its Cabinet based revival plan, Govt. was all committed to bail out private sector under any circumstances and at any cost to the exchequer, completely ignoring its own company, BSNL, where it holds 100% stake. AUB was severely and rightly critical of new MOC who has been inducted into the Cabinet to accelerate Privatization of Telecom Sector and dump BSNL.

GS/ SNPWA could discern a visible change amongst telecom employees in so far as their determination and commitment to continue ruthlessly the struggle till their legitimate demands, which have been trampled over deliberately by the Government, are achieved. It was heartening to see huge enthusiasm and determination of BSNL workers to go to any extent in achieving their legitimate rights and fully safeguarding the existence of National Telecom Institution, BSNL, from being disintegrated and finally sold off to vested interests.

GS assured and extended fullest and unqualified support and solidarity of SNPWA to AUB in so far as their future programs of struggle, which will be decided soon, are concerned. GS unequivocally reiterated committed support of SNPWA in fully protecting existence of BSNL and also in resolution of other issues like pension revision and pay revision. GS gathered an impression that AUB is all set and determined to continue its present struggle till it reaches its logical conclusion.

The Dharna was addressed by Com. Chanderswar Singh, Chairman, AUB, Com. Abhimanyu, Convenor, AUB, Com. Suresh Kumar GS, BMS, Com. K. Sebstian, GS, SNEA, Com A.A. Khan, President, SNEA, besides others.


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अनुराग लठवाल
अनुराग लठवाल
2 years ago

संयुक्त किसान मोर्चा आल रेलवे युनियन को भारत बंद 27 सितंबर 2021 मे निमंत्रण देकर आमंत्रित करने की अपील करता है, आओ एक दुसरे के अधिकारो की लड़ाई एक जुट होकर लडे, जयहिंद,

Sanjeewani Jain
Sanjeewani Jain
2 years ago

Very correct appeal. An Attack on One is an Attack on All!