Madhya Pradesh Electricity workers will again organize demonstrations to oppose privatization and for fulfilling their various demands.

(Translation of the letter from Hindi to English)

Humble Request

Madhya Pradesh United Forum for Power Employees and Engineers consisting of employees and engineers working in the electricity companies across different levels has been opposing the privatization and struggling for various demands of the electricity workers since January 2021, which has culminated in meeting on 23rd Aug 2021 with the Power minister of Madhya Pradesh and discussion on all points. The minister had sought a period of one month for resolution of all the issues for which the forum had agreed to.  Today the period of one month is over but there is no resolution yet even on a single point. The forum has hence unanimously decided to resume its struggle.

The forum appeals to all the workers in the power sector that keeping in mind the interests of workers and consumers everyone must unite, and the agitation must be strengthened. The forum is always ready for discussion to meet the above-mentioned objectives.

Hence, the forum appeals all the pro-officer/employees’ organizations to unite and strengthen the struggle to safeguard the power industry as well as safeguard the interests of the consumers and power sector workers.

Thank You. Jai Hind.

With Humble Request

Unity is strength

Er.V.K.S Parihar

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