Employees of Integral Coach Factory, Chennai demonstrated on 21 October 2021 against proposed corporatisation of railway production units and privatisation of passenger train services

On 21.10.2021, employees of Integral Coach Factory, Chennai organised a demonstration and gate meeting in front of General Manager’s office against the proposal of converting Indian Railways Production Units as Corporation. The gate meeting was organised by ICF United Workers Union (CITU) Integral Coach Factory.

Employees expressed their displeasure against many proposals of Government in Ministry of Railways particularly on Private Passenger Train Operators, Corporatisation of Indian Railway Production Units. The meeting demanded not to implement the proposals submitted by principle economic adviser on Rationalisation of Government Bodies, Proposal for Ministry of Railways.

Com.R.Elangovan Vice President DREU-CITU delivered special address. Sri.M.Shanmugam Central President Indian Railways Technical Supervisors Association participated as show of solidarity. Com.Ramalingam President DREU, Com.Raja Raman General Secretary DREU, Com.Krishna Kumar and others addressed the Gate meeting.

Employees of ICF demonstrated against the proposal of Rationalisation of Govt Bodies
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Girish J Bhave
Girish J Bhave
2 years ago

It is indeed nice that Central President Indian Railways Technical Supervisors Association also participated in the meeting as a mark of solidarity. I also read another report of All India Loco Running Staff Association holding similar protest meeting. Prior to that there have been many reports of various Railway manufacturing units and other staff holding prolonged protest actions. When will all railwaymen and women carry out united actions ? That day will be a death nail in the privatisation programme launched by government of India. All the working people of our country are eagerly waiting for that day !