Demonstration by Chittaranjan Locomotive Works employees stops outsourcing of traction motors

Report by Com. Nirmal Mukherjee, ex G.S., Chittaranjan Loco Works (CLW) Labour Union, CLW, Asansol


CLW staff under the leadership of CLW LABOUR UNION demonstrated in front of GM’s Chamber en masse for hours together until PCEE/CLW assured to stop the outsourcing of traction motors (TMs), which had been completely outsourced by stopping the production at CLW.

Some other Departments of CLW also may be closed gradually; they were also included in the strong demonstration. It created a momentum and enthusiasm amongst the whole staff of CLW.

TMs are very very important component of the Electric Locomotives.

Present type of TM’s use started more than four decades back with technology transferred from HITACHI of Japan. It was further developed in CLW, RDSO.   The present quantum of production has been increased by about 250 percent.

The cost incurred to further develop the technology were very high. that will be Private parties will enjoy the benefit of it when it is outsourced.

Outsourcing will make about one thousand workers and supervisor jobless, idle, thus the consequences will be highly damaging.

Outsourcing is another form of privatisation. The protest actions will naturally have to be much longer and broader to stop privatisation in any form.



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2 years ago

In many areas Railways is introducing outsourcing in a big way. This makes Railways a breeding ground for private players, that will reduce Railway jobs drastically