Say NO to LIC-IPO! Public Sector insurance industry under severe attack


An article by Comrade Shreekant Mishra, General Secretary, All India Insurance Employees Association

The recently announced National Asset Monetisation plan has put the Public Sector insurance industry under severe attack. The government is in a tearing hurry to bring IPO of LIC. The All India Insurance Employees Association has been opposing the IPO of LIC as it amounts to the first step towards privatisation. The uncompromising struggle of insurance employees under the banner of AIIEA could successfully stall the government policy to privatise LIC and PSGI companies for 26 long years as recommended by Malhotra Committee in 1994. Consolidating and expanding the unity of insurance sector employees to stop privatisation of Public Sector insurance industry is the need of the hour !






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Manoranjan Bose
Manoranjan Bose
2 years ago

Dear organizers of AIFAP website,
First and foremost let me thank you and congratulate you for the Bhishon Shundor , meaning very good in my language Bengali , content on all the struggles against privatisation.
I have one request for you.

Can you please ensure that my question given below reaches the author of this article Comrade Shreekant Mishra.
My question is ” Why comrade Mishra, various unions of various insurance employees, unite and form a single ‘anti privatization action committee’ ? Comrade Mishra, you may take help of Railway leaders who I believe have formed one joint action committee. A simple person and soldier like me requests you from bottom of my heart !

Your friend,
M. Bose