Relay Dharna between 15-11-2021 to 19-11-2021 at HO/RO/ and at all centers followed by lunch hour demonstrations throughout the country

A Message to all the Constituents of JFTU-PSGICs (Northern Zone) by Shri Trilok Singh, Convener, JFTU PSGICs (Northern Zone)

Dear comrades/Friends,
We Congratulate the employees, officers and the ex-employees for their participation in the ongoing agitation against privatisation and to meet our legitimate demands. The Joint forum of trade unions and associations has been continuously fighting and is on warpath against privatisation and undue delay in wage revision and to meet out our legitimate demands. JFTU is constantly following the officials of Ministry of Finance and GIPSA in this regard. Further as decided in the meeting of the JFTU-PSGICs on 24th October, a relay dharna will be observed from 15-11-2021 to 19-11-2021 followed by lunch hour demonstrations to meet out our legitimate demands, In Delhi the Relay Dharna will be held before oriental insurance in head office at Delhi gate to meet out the following demands.

1. Immediate resumption of wage revision talks.
2. Opposition to Govt. move of privatization / disinvestment and protection of employees’ rights & dignity.
3. 1995 Pension scheme to all, updation of Pension, uniform family pension of 30% and enhancement of NPS Contribution to 14 %.

All employees and officers, serving or retired are requested to understand the severity of the circumstances and to participate in large.

Comrades, we sincerely acknowledge the support from the central trade unions, federations and the farmers associations against the policy of privatisation, disinvestment and corporatisation and pledge to carry our ongoing struggle to greater heights in the entire country and to intensify the agitational programme announced by Central trade unions and federations.
Dated 17 – 11-2021.



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2 years ago

I support the just demands raised by my brothers and sisters.
The fighting spirit is commendable.
The government plays with people’s rights. Various means are used to supress our voice, to bring conflicts between us so we keep fighting amongst ourselves. It will continue to do so, until we all form a unity that is unbreakable. The ruling system will have to fulfil our demands. The constant struggle waged by us, and the power of unity will force them to kneel down.
We will have to identify the real enemy to put a full stop to such anti people policies which are implemented for the benefit of just few and loss of majority of the people.