NRMU BCGM successfully held at Bhusawal from 10th to 12 December 2021

Report received from Com. Vivek Nair, Assistant General Secretary, national railway Mazdoor Union (NRMU)

The 67th BGCM of NRMU (CR/KR) was held at Bhusawal from 10-12 Dec 2021.

Participation of hundreds of delegates and visitors including Zonal/Divisional OBs, WCMs, Youth/Women representatives completely in adherence to COVID protocol was the highlight of the successfully completed mega event.

Multiple segments of the BGCM including the Women session, Open Session and Delegate session were held in letter and spirit. It is heartening to report that several delegates including a good number of women and youth had participated in constructive deliberations and discussions on various issues including the threat and challenges being faced by the working class in general and railway employees in particular.

Com. Shivagopal Mishra GS/AIRF was the chief guest of the event where the resident MLA, both ADRMs & Sr. DPO were also present as distinguished guests.

GS/AIRF has given elaborate details of the efforts of the federation for numerous past and present achievements that have transformed the pay, privileges and career progression of the staff.

He also informed of continuing struggle to resolve other major issues including the removal of the ceiling of NDA, Upgraded pay structure for supervisory cadre staff, Filling up of almost 3.2 lakh existing vacancies in railways, Implementation of the 4 level pay structure to P/Men cadre, Apex level GP of 4200/- for Track Maintainers, Opening up of the provision of 10% LDCE of DR quota to all and Ensuring of effective execution of the provision of 50% GDCE.

GS/AIRF appreciated the vibrant cadre of NRMU (CR/KR) and applauded the efforts of Com. Venu P Nair, its General Secretary to consolidate the strength of the union to its peak, ensuring active participation of youth and women power in all organisational programs and events.

He expressed his confidence and optimism for the formulation of a strong mass national resistance movement across the country against the deliberate attempt of the government to dismantle the railway transport system through the new policy guidelines of monetisation of railway assets paving the way for its complete privatisation.

The administrative representatives both ADRMs of BSL have also given supportive suggestions to provide time-bound promotions to all Gr. C railway staff, better working conditions to them and to minimise the imposition of harsh penalties on DAR cases.

During the Delegate session of BGCM, the report of the General Secretary and the statement of accounts was ratified by the House unanimously after due deliberation and discussions of the delegates.
A well-drafted resolution against the anti-labour policies of the government and the invariable responsibility of NRMU (CR/KR) to mobilise the workers in preparedness for an inevitable resistance movement was moved and passed with roaring support of the house.

Constitutional draft amendments in consideration to transformed labour environment and reformed organisational structure were also placed in front of the house and were passed unanimously.
A new governing council consists of Zonal/Divisional OBs with Com. Venu P Nair as General Secretary at its helm was declared. The list of unanimously elected Working Committee Members to the zonal union and AIRF was also declared.

The organisational event was excellently conducted under the personal overview of GS Com. Venu P Nair has drawn overwhelming response and appreciation of one and all. It was concluded on a very positive note with a pledge of every participant to do their best to strengthen the power of the union led by General Secretary Com. Venu P Nair.

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