NFTE holds convention to oppose the Monetisation Pipeline Program and privatisation of BSNL

Launched the joint AIFAP booklet – Why Monetisation, Corporatisation & Privatisation Harmful for YOU!

Report from Com. Ranjan Dani, Circle Secretary, NFTE

(Translated from Marathi to English)

The Monetisation Pipeline Program announced by the Central Government is a conspiracy to hand over important public sector industries and services to private owners. Due to it, there will be no limits on the rates of electricity, telecom, railway, banks, gas, oil, etc. The private sector which works only for its greed will increase its profits by using new technology, cutting the number of workers and increasing prices, making the lives of common people harder. The organised class has to do the job of exposing before society this fraud carried out in the name of economic development. We welcome the fact that organisations in the sector of banks, insurance, defence, BSNL, etc. are fighting against this; however, without being conscious of the reality that the programme, being implemented for benefitting a handful. cannot give a dignified life to the common people and without being conscious of the social, political and cultural forces that are at work, the workers’ movement cannot succeed – this was clearly stated by Adv. Dhobale in his speech.

Addressing this Convention, the famous author Prof. Jaydev Dhole explained that the New Economic Policy itself was a big instance of corruption. Wealth is getting centralised because the whole development process and politics is being influenced by private traders and capitalists. Now, these industrialists are prominently seen in the Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha. Almost all the parliamentarians are crorepatis. The entire effort from Samruddhi Mahamarg to the Monetarisation Pipeline is in order to increase the wealth and profits of the rich class. The working class should take into account the challenge and seriousness of this situation and accordingly chalk out its strategy, struggle and tactics.

In his speech at the Convention, the Circle Secretary of the organisation, Com. Ranjan Dani said that even the towers and fibre of BSNL are being handed over to the private companies, through which the government will earn Rs. thirty-five thousand crores. Both the company as well as its users are suffering because BSNL is still not being allowed 4G service. Private telecom companies have massively increased their rates. Due to the monetisation programme, the towers and fibre that are important assets of BSNL are endangered and this policy is harmful to the interests of the users as well as of the country. He appealed that in the coming days this policy should be smashed by all the organisations coming together and by fighting shoulder to shoulder along with the workers’ movement in the country.

This Convention was presided over by Com. Mukesh Shingade and was conducted by the District secretary Com. Shivaji Chavan. Com. S V Gaikwad proposed the Vote of Thanks. Employees attended this Convention in big numbers. Com. Ram Nimbalkar, Com. Bhan Singh, Com. Sachin Kamjalge, Com. Rathod, Pohal, Com. K K Bochare, Com. Arke, Com. Chaudhary, Com. Nandu Patil, Com. Devkar, Com. Shaikh Aleem, etc. were also present.

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Vimla M
Vimla M
2 years ago

The monetization pipeline program is a dangerous road leading to the complete destruction of the assests of the people of our country. The public sector belongs to the public, that is us. No person or group of people or companies have any authority or right to take ownership.
This is a very urgent crisis and we need to stop it. Public sector unions are uniting and working towards stopping this anti people step. We need to support the movement against privatsiation and ultimately work towards building a worker peasant alliance.💪🏽