South Eastern Railway workers form a Joint Action Committee Against Privatisation


Report by KEC correspondent

A Joint Action Committee Against Privatisation has been constituted at Kharagpur, Head Quarter of South Eastern Railway recently comprising of members of the following Railway union and Association:

1. South Eastern Railway Men’s Union (SREMU)
2. All India Loco Running Staff Association (AILRSA)
3. All India Guard Council (AIGC)
4. Retired Railway Employees Association

Comrade Sukanta Mallick AGS, SERMU is convenor of this committee.

Other TUs and Associations fighting against Privatisation will be contacted to join this committee later on to strengthen unity and struggle!

It is hoped that this initiative will inspire rail workers, unions and associations in other zones and divisions to also form similar joint action committees to fight against the privatisation of railways.




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Sanjeewani Jain
Sanjeewani Jain
2 years ago

Dear Editor,
Thanks for the report. This is really good news. All of us know the importance of railways and how vital is their contribution to the struggle against privatization. I am particularly happy to see the Retired Railway Employees Association also there. Each of its members would have a lifetime’s worth of experience. Further they would also have the time to devote to the struggle and building up unity. As many retired people say, “We are retired, not tired!”. So they could contribute their time and energy to spreading awareness among different sections of the people and winning their support.
All best wishes to the JAC Against Privatisation!
Snjeewani Jain