Electricity employees, officers and engineers of Maharashtra will agitate against unilateral working and privatisation of distribution, generation and transmission companies




(English translation of letter in Marathi)

9th February 2022


The Managing Director,
MSEB Holding Company,
Hong Kong Bank Building
Fort, Mumbai

President and Managing Director,
Mahavitaran (Maharashtra State Distirbution) Company , Prakashgad
Bandra (East), Mumbai 400055

President and Managing Director,
Mahanirmiti (Maharashtra State Generation) Company, Prakashgad
Bandra (East), Mumbai 400055

President and Managing Director,
Mahapareshan (Maharashtra State Transmission) Company, Prakashganga
Bandra (East), Mumbai 400055

Subject : Notice of agitation to oppose the unilateral working and Privatisation policies of the three companies
Reference : Our letter dated 28.01.2022

Organizations representing all the workers, officers and engineers held a joint meeting in Panvel on 9th February 2022. The important questions mentioned below were discussed in the meeting and everybody expressed their deep dissatisfaction with the manner in which all the four companies are being managed, with political interference in their affairs and with unilateral decisions.

During the severe Covid-19 pandemic electricity workers, engineers and officers strived to put in their best efforts without being afraid of the pandemic in which many of us lost their lives and ensured uninterrupted 24 hour supply. Power generation and transmission also showed remarkable progress during these tough times. By their joint efforts the collection of pending bills has been ensured breaking the record of the last 10 years.

Due to the unforgivable neglect of the many problems faced by the employees who have been part and parcel of the progress of the three companies as well as the unpardonable neglect of the very existence of these companies by the management, all the workers, engineers and officers are extremely angry. Very important policy decisions about the power sector are being implemented without holding any discussion with our organizations. We strongly oppose this type of working.

On behalf of our Sangharsh Samiti we had given a letter to the managements of all the four companies dated 28.01.2022 in which we had cautioned that there is a strong possibility of a fierce struggle against this type of working of the companies. We don’t think that the letter has been taken cognisance of. Our organisations strongly oppose the following decisions of the administration and the management about the issues and policies.

We have decided to organise agitation on the following questions :
1) Privatisation moves begun in the Mahavitaran, Mahanirmiti and Mahapareshan companies.
2) Against the Electricity (Amendment) Bill 2021 of the Central Government.
3) Policy of handing over the hydel-power plants managed by the Mahanirmiti Company to private companies.
4) Extreme delay in filling up vacancies in all the three companies.
5) Unilateral decisions being taken about transfers of workers, engineers and officers of the three companies.
6) Unnecessary appointments and transfers at senior levels in all the three companies and political interference in them.

Program of agitation
1) On 16th and 25th February 2022 workers, engineers and officers of the three companies will hold gate meetings all over the state outside divisions/ generation centres/ subcentresto express their opposition. In the gate meetings on 16th February there will be bonfire of the transfer policy declared by the Holding Company.
2) On 2nd March 2022 there will be a big demonstration in front of the Maharashtra Vidhan Sabha session in Mumbai in which thousands of workers, engineers and officers will participate.
3) On 14th March a memorandum will be submitted to all the elected representatives, consumer organisations and peasant organisations in the state against the proposed privatisation
4) On 28th and 29th March there will be two day state-wide strike.

All the organisations of the Sangharsh Samiti have unanimously taken these decisions. We are forced to take this path of agitation due to the continuous apathy of the government and management of these companies. Hence the government and management will be responsible for the situation which may arise due to our agitation.

Signed by the following representatives and office bearers of 26 organisations:
1. Com. Krushna Bhoyar, General Secretary, Maharashtra State Electricity Workers Federation
2. Shri Sanjay Thankur, General Secretary, Subordinate Engineers Asssociation
3. Shri Rajan Bhanushali, President, Veej Karmachari Adhikar Abhiyanta Sena
4. Shri P B Uke, President, Swabhimani Workers Union
5. Shri R T Devkant, General Secretary, Vidyut Kshetra Tantrik Kamgar Union
6. Shri Saiyyad Zahiroddin, General Secretary, Maharashtra Rajya Veej Tantrik Kamgar Union
7. Dattatray Gutte, Principal General Secretary, Maharashtra Rajya Veej Kamgar Congress (INTUC)
8. Shri Suyog Zhute, General Secretary, Graduate Engineers Association
9. Shri Sunil Pathak, President, Maharashtra Rajya Vidyut Adhikari Sanghatana
10. Shri Nachiket More, Secretary General, Power Front
11. Shri M S Sharikmasalat, Working President, Maharashtra Rashtravadi Veej Kamgar (Congress)
12. Shri Rakesh Jadhav, President, Maharashtra Navnirman Kamgar Sena
13. Shri Navnath N Pawar, General Secretary, Maharashtra Rajya Vidyut Operators Sanghatana
14. Shri Shivaji Vayphalkar, President, Bahujan Vidyut Abhiyanta Adhikari va Karmachari Forum
15. Shri Sitaram Chavan, General Secretary, Maharashtra Rajya Veej Nirmiti Kamgar Sanghatana
16. Shri Rajan Shinde, General Secretary, Bahujan Power Karmachari Sanghatana
17. Shri Damodar Changole, General Secretary, Maharashtra Rajya Veej Kamgar Federation (INTUC)
18. Shri Pravin Varma, General Secretary, MSEB Karyalayeen Adhikari Karmachari Sanghatana
19. Shri Anil Tarale, Regional General Secretary, Maharashtra Rajya Vidyut Shramik Congress
20. Shri R D Rathod, President, Rashtriya Veej Drivers & Cleaners Association
21. Shri Nagorao Parate, General Secretary, Aadim Karmachari Sanghatana
22. Shri Mukund Hanvate, General Secretary, Chathurta Shreni Vidyut Kamgar Sanghatana
23. Shri Sopan T Ingole, President, Su. Va. Da. Vibhag Adhikari Sanghtana (A)
24. Shri Rajuali Mulla, General Secretary, Electricity Line Staff Association
25. S K Lokhande, President, Maharashtra Rajya Swatantra Bahujan Veej Karmachari Sanghatana
26. Rajendra H Nikam, General Secretary, Padvi / Padvika Association



Copy for Information and Appropriate Action:
1. Hon. Chief Minister, Maharashtra Rajya Mantralay, Mumbai
2. Hon. Speaker, Vidhan Sabha and Vidhan Parishad, Mumbai
3. Hon. Deputy Chief Minister, Maharashtra Rajya Mantralay, Mumbai
4. Hon. Opposition Leader, Vidhan Sabha and Vidhan Parishad
5. Hon. Labour Minister, Maharashtra Rajya Mantralay, Mumbai
6. Hon. Energy Minister of State, Maharashtra Rajya Mantralay, Mumbai
7. Hon. Chief Secretary, Maharashtra Rajya Mantralay, Mumbai
8. Hon. Principal Secretary, Energy, Maharashtra Rajya Mantralay, Mumbai
9. Hon. Labour Commissioner, Maharashtra Rajya Bandra-Kurla Complex, Mumbai
10. Hon. Director General of Police, Maharashtra Rajya, Fort Mumbai
11. Hon. Police Commissioner, Nagpur District, Nagpur
12. Hon. Director (Finance) Maharashtra State Electricity Board Holding Company, Mumbai
13. Hon. Director (Human Reources / Operations / Projects / Commerce / Accounts) Mahanirmiti, Mahapareshan, Mahavitaran companies, Mumbai
14. Hon. Chief Industrial Relations Officer, Mahanirmiti, Mahapareshan, Mahavitaran companies, Mumbai




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