All coal workers’ unions unite for the National Coal Wage Agreement negotiations and reject the proposal of the management


Report by Kamgar Ekta Committee correspondent


The meeting of the Joint Bipartite Committee for the Coal Industry (JBCCI) for National Coal Wage Agreement-11 ended without any settlement on 22 April at Coal India Headquarters, Kolkata.

Notably, before the meeting, the Coal Shramik Sabha – HMS, BMS, CITU and AITUC united and decided that instead of taking separate sides before the management, the matter should be discussed collectively. Any offer from the management would be answered unanimously.

On hearing the proposal of the management, all the unions boycotted the meeting and came out. The management is not in favor of giving more than 20% minimum guaranteed benefit (MGB), whereas unions have demanded 50% MGB.

The meeting was resumed on the persuasion of the management, but no agreement could be reached. The date for the next meeting of JBCCI will be announced later.

The wage agreement will be for five years and will be implemented from 1 July 2021.

Shri Shiv Kumar Yadav, President of Coal Shramik Sabha – HMS informed that a meeting of Nathulal Pandey (HMS), Shivakant Pandey (SECL), ECCL and others has been held. After this, the office bearers of all the unions discussed and devised the further strategy.




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