Parisangh holds a 1-day conference in Kolkata against privatisation


Report received from Dr. Udit Raj, National President and Dr. Om Sudha, National General Secretary, Parisangh


A 1-day conference was organised recently at the Kolkata Science City Hall. National President Dr. Udit Raj, National General Secretary Dr. Om Sudha, Haryana State Working President Nishi Burak, West Bengal State President Basudev Mandal, and National President Geetanjali Barupal were present in the program.

IT Cell Parisangh Rajasthan State President Sunil Mehra represented Rajasthan in the 1-day conference. Representing Rajasthan, he said in his speech that the country is facing dire circumstances today. Today, there is anarchy in the country due to unemployment, inflation, and dirty politics in the name of caste and religion. Today, the country needs all of us to be together, we should all walk and live together. Babasaheb Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar had made provisions in the constitution for equality and upliftment of the oppressed and poor, so that every person of the society can live life with freedom. However, the country appears to be standing in the same deplorable condition even today. Babasaheb’s constitution appears to be in danger. The circumstances are going to be the same as before. Today, the Modi government is privatising all government undertakings of the country. The results of this will be dangerous for Dalits and backward classes, whereas the corporate houses will definitely benefit. Dalits are being oppressed every day. The time to come will be even more worrying and painful. We all have to be united, we all have to raise our voice for reservation and save the constitution together.



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