AILRSA South Eastern Railway Zonal Committee conference decided to agitate against privatisation of government institutions and sale of profitable institutions to private hands


Report received from Shri Tapas Chhatra


All India Loco Running Staff Association (AILRSA) South Eastern Railway Zonal Committee’s 2-day 22nd zonal level conference started on 6.6.2022 in Adra Rail City at RK Mukherjee Manch, Humayun Nagar. The meeting was conducted by Com. UK Maitro and PK Bose.

The conference was inaugurated by Com. Basudev Acharya, former Member of Parliament and former Chairman of Railway Parliamentary Committee. In his speech, he fiercely criticised the anti-worker anti-farmer policies implemented during the regime of the Modi government. Workers, farmers, students, youth—all are troubled because of the pro-corporate policies. He opposed the handing over of national assets to private hands through the National Monetisation Pipeline (NMP). He blamed the government for rising unemployment and inflation and the economic crisis. Com MN Prasad, General Secretary of the association, called upon the loco running staff to oppose the administration’s attempt to compel them to carry trolley bags and entrust the additional responsibility of carrying railway plant equipment. He appreciated the decision to form a joint committee of all railway unions.

Among the speakers, Com. Anima Dhar, NB Dutta, Gautam Mukherjee, Ravi Banerjee, AK Raut, Mukund Banerjee, SK Choubey, SP Singh, etc. highlighted the various problems being faced by railway employees currently and reiterated the need to mobilise for a joint struggle.

Com. Paras Kumar, General Secretary South Eastern Railways, presented the secretary’s report. Zonal Treasurer Pulak Pal presented the treasurer’s report.

People’s songs were presented in the cultural program.

The two-day biennial session of the All India Loco Running Staff Association, South Eastern Zonal Committee, ended on 7.6.22 at RK Mukherjee Manch at Humayun Nagar, Adra Rail City. Com. Uttam Maitro conducted the meeting. About 500 delegates and leaders of both the recognised unions and other fraternal organisations were present in this conference. A new committee has been constituted for the next 2 years, which is as follows:

President – Com. Uttam Maitro
Executive President – Pradipta Bose
Vice President – Tarun Bose, G Barik, SC Pradhan, Farooq Ansari
General Secretary – SP Singh
Treasurer – Com. Pulak Pal
Joint Secretary – Somen Mohapatra, KP Munda, SK Gavaskar, RP Mehta
Assistant Secretary – SN Prasad, Ranjit Kumar, Biju Mandal, Murari Kumar
Auditor – UK Patra
Organisation Secretary – SK Bharti, JK Singh, Mithilesh Rajak, RK Ranjan


Central Executive Members:

  1. Com. Paras Kumar
  2. Mahadev Bhattacharya
  3. Gautam Goswami


The following resolutions were passed by the biennial session:

  1. To agitate against privatisation of government institutions and sale of profitable institutions to private hands.
  2. To agitate against the introduction of trolley bags in lieu of line boxes and against their unloading by loco pilots.
  3. To oppose NPS and implement OPS for employees of all categories.
  4. Implementation of 9-hour duty of running staff.
  5. Siding mileage should be fixed.
  6. All trade unions will have to fight unitedly against anti-worker policies by forming a united front.



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