Zonal Track Maintainer’s conference organized by Lucknow Division of NRMU


Report of Northern Railway Men’s Union (NRMU)


All India Railway Men’s Federation General Secretary Shivgopal Mishra said that the union is not only aware of the problems of track maintainers but also putting pressure on the railway administration about the problems at the Zonal Track Maintainer’s Conference organized by the Lucknow Division of Northern Railway Men’s Union on November 11. Although the administration makes meaningful decisions from time to time, they remain buried at the lower level. Now the time has come that we should do our work honestly and not tolerate exploitation at all. SK Pandey, Principal Chief Engineer, Northern Railway, said that there have been frequent incidents of runovers, so whenever you work on the track, keep your personal safety at the top.

In this zonal conference organized at Ravindralay Bhawan, Lucknow, General Secretary Shivgopal Mishra said that the contribution of those who work on the grassroots in Indian Railways can never be denied. He said that there was a time, when our trackmen used to get recruited as trackmen only and used to retire in the same position, but now that is not the situation. The union has always kept the problems of the trackmen on top. There is 2800 grade in your cadre, which will become 4200. A committee has been formed for this; apart from me, our president SK Tyagi is also in the committee. The meeting is going on, we will hear something good soon.

The General Secretary said that about 500 trackmen are martyred every year, which is more than the martyrs in the army if there is no war. We have said earlier also that whenever there is a martyr, the agitation should be started by keeping his dead body right on the track. Do not allow a single train to pass through that track until the CJ appointment and all dues are cleared. When we start a movement in this way, only then will our words be heard prominently. The General Secretary said that everyone knows that a few years ago army soldiers were recruited on the post of trackman; today, the situation is that not a single soldier is doing the duty of trackman, all have run away. It is clear that our work is more difficult than that of the army. You would be aware that when CRPF jawans go to Maoist area, they go together in numbers of 20 to 25 and are equipped with modern weapons, but our trackmen are only two people and that too unarmed.

It has been decided long ago that the duty of railway employees belonging to the safety category will not exceed 8 hours, but on the pretext of vacancy, our comrades are being made to work for 14 hours. This is the railway administration disobeying its own orders. I want to ask why action is not taken against the officers who do not fill vacant posts in time. The General Secretary reiterated that today the Principal Chief Engineer has said to keep your safety at the top. So now all of you stop taking short cuts, follow the Rail Manual. Today, a large number of fellow trackmen are educated, so why should not our trackman colleagues be given a chance to become TTE, guard, station master by reducing the direct recruitment quota.

As far as the matter of the restoration of old pension is concerned, we are preparing for an all-out struggle on this, in which all of you have an important role. We will not be heard until we show our strength.

Principal Chief Engineer SK Pandey said that it is true that today the number of trains has increased, their speed has increased. You are doing better by balancing both. He said that track maintainers are the backbone of Indian Railways. He appealed to the fellow track maintainers to keep their personal safety above all while working on the track. Mr. Pandey said that the way the Indian Railways is being modernised, it is our endeavour to make the equipment of the employees modern and of light weight. Because more educated trackmen are in service now, work on modern equipment is ongoing. The railway administration believes that you will not face any inconvenience in handling modern equipment.

Principal Chief Engineer said that you also know that the track has to be inspected for safe traffic; some modern equipment for patrolling is also being discussed at the board level. There is no replacement for trackmen. If all trackmen will leave once LDCE is made open to all, how will this work? As far as the issue of quarters is concerned, work is going on, and a decision will be taken soon. He said that we are all working on making trackmen’s work easier, and you will see the results soon.

SK Tyagi, President, Northern Railway Men’s Union, said that the role of track maintainers is most important in Indian Railways. All of you take the responsibility of the safety of passengers. No matter what the weather is, you have to do your work; the railway administration knows this and the union also knows it. As far as your demands are concerned, the union is raising them at the concerned level. Divisional Secretary RK Pandey said that our fellow trackmen could never imagine that they could get AC pass in the train, but it was due to the effort of General Secretary Shivgopal Mishra that today our fellow family members are able to travel in the AC bogie. Apart from this, efforts have been made by the General Secretary on uniform allowance as well. Right now, efforts are ongoing to make 30% of those with 1800 grade pay receive 1900 grade pay without any examination.

The program was also addressed by Divisional Railway Manager SK Sapra and Divisional President of NRMU Vibhuti Mishra. Zonal Secretary SU Shah, Central Treasurer Manoj Srivastava, Divisional Ministers Rajesh Choubey, Anoop Vajpayee, Shailendra Singh, Divisional President Manoj Sharma and Alok Mishra were also present in the programme.

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