West Central Railway Employees Union (WCREU) organized an awareness rally against NPS on 18th November


Announcement of AIRF General Secretary Shri Shivgopal Mishra in Katni: If old pension goes, then so does the current government.

Report by WCREU

Shivgopal Mishra, General Secretary of All India Railwaymen’s Federation (AIRF), while addressing a large number of young railwaymen, discussed in detail the challenges of Indian Railways and made it clear that preparations for the movement have started, if the old pension is not restored, this government will also not stay in power.

Before this, young railwaymen took out an awareness rally against NPS in Katni. During this, the General Secretary not only discussed in detail all the problems of railway workers but also asked them to be ready for a big movement in the coming time. General Secretary Shivgopal Mishra said that the restoration of old pension is included in the topmost priority of the Federation. We are trying to bring together central employees, state employees, and teachers to protest against the new pension scheme. For this, the central leadership of our Federation has started talking at the local level. All India Railway Federation is preparing for a big movement.

Shiv Gopal Mishra said that the new pension scheme is no pension scheme in the true sense. Under the scheme, employees get a nominal pension. All railway employees are worried about new pension scheme; we are going to organise a big agitation before the next Lok Sabha election. All government employees, state employees and central employees across the country will participate unitedly in the movement. The General Secretary said that the state level movement against NPS will be started first, and later, more than 5 lakh government employees from across the country will be called to Delhi and will gherao the parliament. Even after this, if our demand is not heard, then we will be forced to block the railway track and organise chakka jam.

Describing the new pension scheme as ridiculous, AIRF General Secretary Mr. Mishra said that in NPS, the government is deducting the money of the employees and putting the same amount from its own pocket. Now no one knows where that amount is being invested. He said that people are very disappointed with the new pension scheme. There is a demand that the old pension scheme should be implemented soon, otherwise government employees will be forced to protest across the country.

The General Secretary also discussed privatisation and said that the government is plotting privatisation in pieces through backdoor policy. AIRF does not accept this at all; the privatisation of railways is not in anyone’s favour; neither will it benefit the railways nor will it benefit the railway workers or railway users.

Mukesh Galav, General Secretary of Western Railway Employees Union, assured the AIRF General Secretary that whatever decision the federation takes on the movement against privatisation and restoration of old pension, the railway workers here will take a leading role. He said that there is a lot of anger among the railway workers regarding NPS, and they are completely united under the red flag of the union! Youth convenor Naresh Malav also addressed this program.

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